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About Us

Planetary Parts is a dealer of fine minerals, fossils and display specimens for the home & business interior design market. In tune with supplying the needs of the metaphysical market, we stock a large selection of hard to find mineral species for nets, grounding and healing. Unusual crystals (Generators, Himalayas, Lemurians) and new rare species are always being introduced along with new healing and divining tools. Proprietor Jim Haege also inventories tumbled stones, rock, mineral and fossil samples suitable for classroom use. Planetary Parts vast inventory includes : Ethiopian Opals, Brazilian Agate Pendants, a fresh shipment of Amethyst plates, Epidote Crystal Gem Straws, Hypersthene, Pietersite, Charoite and more. We display our wares at shows all over the US, new schedule coming soon! Come see us there or e-mail your requirements and we┬┤ll check the warehouse for you.